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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules    Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:12 am

The Rules

Rule 1: Respect the Mods and Admins, and be nice to the other members. Rudeness and disobeying will not be accepted.

Rule 2: Keep it PG-13. Kissing is allowed but do not abuse it. And no excessive cussing.

Rule 3: NO spamming. You can ONLY spam in the Spam Topic which is located in the 'Others' thread/area.

Rule 4: Avatars must be 150x150 and must be pictures of the character.

Rule 5: No one liners!

Rule 6: No canon characters. As it says in the plot, it is 100 years later!

Rule 7: No godmodding(controlling others characters, instant hit, ect.). And no over powering your characters.

Rule 8: Don't do anything for no reason! (Example: Killing some random dude cause your pissed.)

Rule 9: Once your magic reaches 0 you pass out.

Rule 10: Anything you have to say that is not IC(in character) will have to be said in parenthesis's ().

Rule 11: Do NOT role-play until your character has been approved. Anyone who does rp before they are approved will be given a warning.

Rule 12: You can only be in three role-playing topics at once. But, you can only be in one fighting topic. The other has to be only talking.

Rule 13: Do not Meta-game. This means using information gained OOC(out of character) being used IC(in character).

Rule 14: Follow the Posting Order of a topic. Unless someone has become inactive, you cannot post in the wrong order.

Rule 15: Do not use unapproved spells/weapons/items/etc. in an active topic. If you
get a spell/weapon or anything else gained through approvals/buying/ect., you cannot use it until you go to a topic which was started AFTER you got whatever it is.

Rule 16: To use an item in a topic, you must have it: made, appraised, bought, have jewels deducted, and finally, added to your item list.

Something to take note of: 3 warnings =1 week ban. 3 week bans = Permanent Ban.

We have the right to change the rules at anytime.
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The Rules
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